What is a Pre-Order?

An item that has Pre-Order next to it is an item that is not currently in stock. These items have NO definite shipping date. We try to keep the site updated if we have any information on when the item will be in stock but are not always able to do this because we don't know ourselves. Most items come back in stock with in a few days to a few weeks. Brand new items that are still in production may take a few months.

How does a Pre-Order item work?

If you Pre-Order an item, you go ahead and pay for the item. The item is put on back order until it arrives then is immediately shipped out to you.

Why should I go ahead and Pre-Order an item?

The sooner you Pre-Order an item the closer you are to the top of the shipping list therefore the better chances of you getting the item you pre purchased. Normally this isn't a problem and we can deliver all of our Pre-Order items but sometimes around Christmas and jackets that are extremely popular it may be an issue. There are also many times that we get items in stock and are sold out the day that we get them. So if you decide to wait until they are in stock you may not get the item you wanted.

What if I cancel my Pre-Order?

At any time if you decide to cancel your Pre-Order all you would need to do is send us an email or give us a call to let us know. We would then cancel your order and credit your account for a full refund.

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